Plantation Jamaica 2003 Rum 700ml


This perfect synthesis of two cultures – the Caribbean and Cognac – was created by two great connoisseurs: Alexandre Gabriel, creator and Master Blender of Plantation Rum, and Luc Satgé, who has been the faithful guardian of the Plantation cellars for more than 10 years. For Luc, this rum is a real passion project ; his baby, as he affectionately calls it, is a true collaboration between the two colleagues.

The obvious synergy between Alexandre and Luc played a key role in the resolutely Jamaican character of this rum, enhanced by those distinctive qualities that define Plantation: rare, precious and captivating. A new opus, and an exceptional one.

This gem, aged 16 years in Jamaica in bourbon casks, followed by one year in the Ferrand cellars in France, is a charmed combination of intense fruit aromas like green banana, passion fruit and plum as well as hints of vanilla and bitter almond extracted during this very special double maturation.

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